1. What is ISTQB?
ISTQB is a global organization whose vision is to enable test professionals, through globally accepted software testing certification standards to support their career development, built on solid professional foundations and exemplary organizational culture. ISTQB has built the most renowned scheme for certifying software testers. As of March 2011, they have over 164,000 testers certified in more than 60 countries.

2. What is Masterfield Training?
The ISTQB e-learning courses on this website are provided to you by Masterfield Training Centre. Masterfield is a provider of specialist IT courses in Central and Eastern Europe; our training portfolio focuses on knowledge areas which are often overlooked by usual teaching methods.

3. What is RBCS Inc.?
RBCS Inc. is leader in quality hardware and software testing services in the USA. The president of RBCS Inc. is Mr. Rex Black, an internationally acclaimed expert of software testing, the author of several books on the subject and also former president of ISTQB itself.

4. What is e-learning?
E-learning is a modern teaching method where the student is accessing an on-line interactive version of the training materials. E-learning courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any computer with internet access.

5. Are e-learning courses equivalent to classroom training?
Yes, our ISTQB accredited e-learning courses have follow the same syllabus that is used for ISTQB accredited classroom courses. This ensures that you will receive exactly the same training as if you were participating in classroom training.

6. What are the benefits of the ISTQB accredited courseware?
ISTQB accredited courseware gives you the piece of mind that you can study the same materials as you would in an official ISTQB organized training session. Learning from ISTQB accredited e-learning materials will also increase your chances of passing ISTQB certification. Obtaining such certification will give you an internationally recognized status in the software and hardware testing community.

7. Why should I choose Masterfield e-learning?
E-learning has the great benefit of being accessible anywhere and anytime you need it. You can resume the course as many times as you want it or you can review already covered topics. All Masterfield e-learning materials are accredited by ISTQB, you will receive the same quality as a classroom training, only cheaper!

8. Can I try the e-learning courses for free?
Yes, if you would like to have a look into the courseware, we can give you access to a demo version; which includes the first chapter of the e-learning materials. Access to the demo is free, please contact us for your access details here by selecting the course you are interested in.

We will send you the first two chapters of the selected course completely FREE of charge.

9. How much do these courses cost?
You can find the course prices here. E-learning courses are generally cheaper than the equivalent classroom training and have the benefit of using them with great flexibility whenever and whenever you want to.

10. Can I also get ISTQB certification upon completing the e-learning courses?
Yes, completing accredited ISTQB training courses will greatly increase your chances to pass the ISTQB examination. ISTQB certification centres are available in several countries, please find the current list here.